Swing Gate ValveS

Standard KU-STD

High temperature swing gate valve KU-HT

Pressure-/vacuum swing gate valve KU-HP-PAM

Swing Gate Valve KU-StD

The swing gate valve Type KU-STD is designed for permanently safe shut-off, metering, infeed and/or discharge of dry, free-flowing bulk materials, even under critical operating conditions such as high switching frequency, short cycle times, abrasive products etc.

Totally dust-, gas- and pressure-tight to the atmosphere (up to 1,5 bar).

The swing gate valve KU-STD can be equipped with various actuations and can be fully adapted to your operating conditions in terms of nominal dimensions, cross-section and material.

Product advantages

    • Extremely short opening- / closing intervals about 1s – independent of size(< 1sec)
    • Especially suited to cover the most demanding task assignments an bulk materials
    • Dust-, gas- and pressure-tight to the atmosphere up to 1,5 bar
    • Ideal as a operating valve even at high switching frequencies
    • Completely encapsulated housing
    • Wide range of materials (cast steel and stainless steel, various aluminium alloys)
    • Valves designed according to PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) AD 2000 incl. TÜV-Testing
    • ATEX-compliant version optional, as per specified requirement
    • Available in sizes up to DN500 (DIN) / 20″ (ANSI)
    • Shutting off material flows without any problems

    Actuation/ Drive

    • Hand lever
    • Electro-pneumatic
    • Electro-pneumatic with positioner
    • Electro-motoric
    • Hydraulic


    • Intermediate positions for metering
    • Ex-protection of actuator, solenoid, limit switch and junction box
    • Non-stick coatings
    • Special flanges
    • ATEX certificates on request

    Technical data

    NOMINAL SIZE DN 80 – DN 500 (4″ bis 20″)
    FLANGE DIN PN6 / PN10 oder ANSI 150 LB B16.5
    HOUSING Cast steel, stainless steel or aluminium
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    GATE/DISC Stainless steel
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    SEAL Plastics, Elastomere, Metallic
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    Technical data without guarantee. Customised design (voltage, power, speed, protection class, etc.) can be implemented.

    Additional versions

    Schuette swing gate valve KU HT DN 200_PN6_EP >> High temperature Swing Gate Valve KU-HT
    KU-HP+PAM DN200_Standard >> Pressure-/Vacuum Swing Gate Valve KU-HP+PAM