Double Flap Valves


Double Flap Valves



The particular advantages:



    • Fully encapsulated housing, product- and gas-tight to the atmosphere
    • Robust casted construction / welded Construction with maximum freedom in design
    • Intake, flap plate and kinematics exchangeable without demounting of the housing
    • Intake and flap plate optional with special wear resistant/hardened version
    • ATEX-compliant version optional, as per specified requirement
    • Casted models available in sizes of up to 400 x 400 mm (16” x 16”)
    • Available with a wide range of materials (cast iron, cast steel, respectively stainless steel materials for welded constructions)
    • Long service life

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Double Flap Valves

The Schütte double flap gate valves are set up with an extremely robust casted construction and are therefore suitable for the most demanding tasks. They are often used under cyclones, filter units or conveying equipment where a safe discharge of coarse-grained to granular bulk materials is required.

Infeed and/or discharge Metering


The housing is completely encapsulated and enables a gas-tight and dust-tight discharge of the bulk materials to the atmosphere.

The alternately opening flap gates allow a good sealing of differential pressures.

To facilitate maintenance work, the housing has large inspection openings, so the flap gate and the intake guide can be replaced in the installed state.



The double flap valve can be equipped with various actuations. In addition to pneumatic or weight-only actuation, we offer an overload-proof combination of electric motor, cam plate and counterweight as standard. To complete this configuration, limit switches safely monitor the process:

Dysfunctions, such as canting or blockages, can be detected and rectified via the inspection openings.


The choice of material can be individually adapted to the abrasive properties of the bulk material. This reduces wear and abrasion of the flap components in contact with the media and ensures an above-average service life.

Cast steel or grey cast iron housings are used as standard for our double pendulum dampers.


For special applications, such as in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industries, as well as for the highest process temperatures, we offer analogical flap gates in welded stainless steel construction.
In addition, the welded construction design offers an wide range of adaptations of the double flap gate valves to the specific geometric requirements of your processes.

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We Offer you:

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  • Holistic support in all phases of your projects
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Actuation/ Drive

  • Weight-loaded
  • Electro-pneumatic
  • Electro-motoric


  • Explosion protection of actuator, solenoid valve, limit switch and junction box
  • Non-stick coatings
  • Pressure-tight design according to DGRL AD2000
  • ATEX certificates on request

Technical data

SIZES 200 x 200 – 400 x 400 or on request
HOUSING Cast steel, stainless steel or aluminium
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Flap Gate Stainless steel
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SEAL Plastics, Elastomere, Metallic
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Technical data without guarantee. Customised design (voltage, power, speed, protection class, etc.) can be implemented.

Additional versions

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