Double Flap Valves



Double Cone Valve DFG-ST

Double Flap Valve DFG-SH

The double flap gate valve dfg-sh is for the safe, continuous infeed and discharge of dry, free-flowing bulk materials from and into pressure differential spaces, such as filter separators, clinker plants, rotary kilns etc.


    • Low overall height, exchange for rotary valve possible
    • Gas-tight to the atmosphere, material-tight in the passageway
    • Simple operation monitoring, without removing the valve
    • Easy replacement of spare parts in installed condition
    • Long service life

    Actuation/ Drive

    • Weight-loaded
    • Electro-pneumatic
    • Electro-motoric
    • Hydraulic


    • Explosion protection of actuator, solenoid valve, limit switch and junction box
    • Non-stick coatings
    • Pressure-tight design according to DGRL AD2000 for the introduction of electrostatic precipitator ash into a pneumatic filter promotion
    • ATEX certificates on request

    Technical data

    SIZES 200 x 200 – 400 x 400 or on request
    HOUSING Cast steel, stainless steel or aluminium
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    FLAPPER Stainless steel
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    SEAL Plastics, Elastomere, Metallic
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    Technical data without guarantee. Customised design (voltage, power, speed, protection class, etc.) can be implemented.


    Double Flap Valve DFG-SH

    Double flap valve DFG-SH in special height

    and corrosion-protective surface coating. The intermediate piece with a height of 200 mm installed between the two flap gates has a positive effect on the flow characteristics of the bulk material and the resulting separation process. The electric-pneumatic drive has been further reduced in size and is therefore even more space-saving and less vulnerable to external influences. The interval switching is carried out via an on-site control system.

    Additional versions

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