Schütte Industrieservice GmbH
Gennaer Str. 66 · 58642 Iserlohn
Postfach 7554 · 58613 Iserlohn
Tel.: +49 2374 92930
Fax: +49 2374 929310

The Schütte family has bulk materials technology in its genes.

Schütte has been operating since 1964 in the area of bulk materials handling.

We have built up such an expertise with over 40 years’ in business, that on this basis we can offer our customers components, Big Bag systems and plant systems such as dedusting units, that are tailor-made to your specific requirements. Our “round the clock” after-sales service ensures that the delivered products and systems always stay reliable and run smoothly.

So take us at our word when we say: “We have the solution. Always!”


Bauckhage Gasfedertechnik GmbH
Production and sales of gas springs and accessories.

Edelhoff Technologies GmbH
Development, production, sales and application of catalyst handling equipment in chemical and petrochemical refineries.

Roßbach Umwelttechnik GmbH
Development, production and sales of Environmental protection products