Schütte Industrieservice GmbH
Gennaer Str. 66 · 58642 Iserlohn
Postfach 7554 · 58613 Iserlohn
Tel.: +49 2374 92930
Fax: +49 2374 929310

Our speciality.

Schütte is the company to contact wherever a solution involving unusual or tailor-made components or systems is required for a specific task.

Whether you are interested in earthquake-safe bag discharging stations, high wear-resistant and pressure-tight discharge sluice valves, double-skinned pressure vessels, curved screens for liquid/solid separation, the pneumatic and slow conveying of highest-grade silica, etc. - Schütte is always at your service, with ideas and solutions based on more than 40 years’ experience in bulk materials handling.

Challenge us!

Overpressure and vacuum sluice units
Dust-free sack discharge
Pressure-tight sluice valve NW380/450
Pressure-tight sluice valve NW1000