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Working with perfect timing.

Synchronised sluice systems provide a secure and metered inward and outward transfer of dry, free-flowing bulk materials into or out of areas of differential pressures, such as dust extraction from filter systems, the feeding of bulk materials into overpressure or vacuum filter systems or into pneumatic conveying systems etc.

Depending on the requirements of the process, we design and supply to you sluice systems comprising double flap gates or with an execution as swing- or low-height flat gate valves for the following applications:

  • Simple and robust - dust- or product tight within the passageway and to the environment
  • For application with overpressure or vacuum and with leak-tightness ranging from approx. +2mbar g to +10bar g
  • For temperatures of up to approx. 300°C with our unique inflatable PRESSAIRMATIC inlet seal
  • For high-temperature applications up to approx. 950-1100°C
  • For short cycle times and high actuation frequencies of up to 500’000 cycles p.a.
  • With design/approval in accordance to DGRL AD200, CE, ATEX

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