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Double flap gates Type DFG-SH and DFG-FH

The reliable option
The Schütte double flap gates Type DFG-SH & -FH are set up with an extremely robust casted construction and are therefore suitable for the most demanding tasks.  Schütte double flap gates are being employed for the infeed and/or discharge of bulk materials into and out of zones of different pressure, according to specific requirements also with gas-tight execution.

In addition we can offer to you analogical flap gates set up as welded construction for special applications, e.g. branches of the chemical, pharmaceutical or food processing industries or for applications with highest possible process temperatures.

The particular advantages:

  • Robust casted construction / welded Construction with maximum freedom in design
  • Fully encapsulated housing, product- and gas-tight to the atmosphere,
  • Inlet seat, flapper and kinematics exchangeable without demounting of the housing
  • Inlet seat and flapper optional with special wear resistant/hardened execution
  • ATEX-conforming execution optional, as per specified requirement
  • Casted models available in sizes of up to 400x400mm (16”x16”)
  • Available with a wide range of materials (cast- and nodular iron, cast steel, respectively stainless steel plate materials for welded constructions)

 Datasheet DFG-SH (will follow in English)

 Datasheet DFG-FH (will follow in English)