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Filling head consisting of:

  • 1 - Inflatable clamp
  • 2 - Inflation unit
  • 3 - Lateral venting nozzle with pinch valve

Inflatable clamp
This module serves to the quick and semi- automatic connection of the Big Bag filler neck, providing an optimal dust-tight seal.
After fitting the filler neck onto the units filling head and the inflatable clamp can be activated by the press of a button.  Depending of the Big bags size and product volume flow, a filling rate of up to 30 Big Bags per hour can safely be achieved.

Inflation unit
In order to achieve high filling rates it is necessary for the Big bag to be ready for use as quickly as possible.  To ensure short cycle times the filling head can be equipped with a compact low-pressure fan which inflates the Bag safely and quickly.

Venting nozzle incl. pinch valve
During the filling of Big Bags the inside air is being displaced by inflowing product.  It has to be safely discharged, when dusts are generated. 
Therefore the filling head can be equipped with a lateral venting nozzle to which a filter element can be attached or which can be alternatively connected to an on-site dedusting system.  The pinch valve is included in combination with the above inflation unit.  During inflation this valve is kept closed, so that the full fan power is employed to inflate the Big bag.

To safely determine a filled in product weight, 3-4 load cells can be fitted to the bottom floor plate or to the fixing elements of the Big Bags wrist straps.  According to the further requirement, the attained data can be locally displayed on an analysis unit, may be labelled with a printer or they can be passed onto an on-site SPS system.
A calibrated weighing solution can also be supplied as an option.

Level indicator
To avoid an overfilling of Big Bags, a level indicator can be integrated into the Big Bag filling head. Together with a visual and/or acoustic display, or in combination with a top-side shut-off valve, the filling process can be safely monitored.

Bag torque clamp
Instead of a basic bag clamp, we are able to supply a special torque clamp, which makes it even easier and further comfortable to secure the filler neck of the Big Bag.