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Weighed discharge
To determining the quantities removed from the Big Bag or for the metered discharge we are pleased to offer to you the following solutions:
Decoupling of the Big Bag settling platform and further equipment with 3-4 load cells incl. an analysis unit. With further signal processing to a SPS control system or an optional printer the discharged quantities can be safely measured.  In connection with our auxiliary module Crescent-shaped Big Bag closure and a downstream conveyor unit, it is further enabled to selectively control the quantities discharged from the Big Bag.

Disposable Big Bags
To enable the processing of disposable Big Bags we offer to you a practical and reliable slitting device.  It cuts the Big Bag from below, allowing the controlled discharge of the bulk material. Afterwards the Big Bag is being disposed.

Pneumatic massage
To assist the product flow with critical and bridge building bulk materials, we offer to you our pneumatically-operated massage systems.
For implementation, pneumatic actuators, fitted with frontal pressure plates are installed at the stations base frame.  These massage the Big Bag lateral and/or from below and thus assist the product flow.

Vibrating floor plate
The vibration floor plate is used in combination with bulk materials that do not flow from the Big Bag without assistance, but which can be transferred to a free-flowing state by vibrating the Big Bag settling platform.

Big Bag crescent-shaped closure
The crescent-shaped closure ties up the discharge neck of the Big Bag any time when required, thus enabling partially-emptied Big Bags to be resealed - also able to be employed together with the weighed discharge of Big Bags.

Sack feed
Whenever aggregates have to be added to the production process, a sack feeding device is being employed, which can be integrated into the stations emptying hopper.
The filling opening of the sack feed is executed with dust-tight seals and monitored by a limit switch.

Dust-free clamp closure
The clamp closure ensures the dust-free, secure pressing of the Big Bag discharge neck onto the emptying tube within the action box.
This ensures that the Big Bag discharge neck is fully opened with a dust-free seal to the outlet, enabling the product to flow unhindered from the Big Bag.

Product extraction aids
When working with critical products the stations emptying hopper can be equipped with further fluidisation devices or pneumatic tappers, which support the product discharge and prevent bridging within the outflow cone.